eBooks To Help Supervisors & Managers Lead Their Teams Through the Corporate Jungle!

Are you a new supervisor struggling to learn the ropes?

Is your organization looking for affordable ways to develop new leaders?

Is productivity down because your supervisors lack the tools and leadership skills to effectively lead their teams?

People who aspire to become positional leaders have lofty goals for succeeding but many lack the necessary competencies to successfully lead a team. Unfortunately, most supervisors do not receive the mentoring and practical training needed to develop their leadership competencies. This ultimately leads to high stress levels, decreased productivity, staff grievances, and employee turnover.

New supervisors need real guidance as they “learn the ropes in the business jungle!


Our Supervisor’s Safari Guidebook Series offers every organization an affordable and convenient way to cross-train and develop their supervisors.

The Supervisor’s Safari Guidebook Series evolved from our work with more than 7,000 supervisors, spanning 27 years of training and coaching services. We collected hundreds of real-life scenarios and developed numerous strategies to help supervisors learn the essential skills to become successful leaders. 

The highlights from each of these training programs have been redesigned into 25 affordable and accessible eBooks. Each guidebook is loaded with rich content, proven strategies and practical tools that can be applied to every function of the supervisor’s role.

Affordable • Time Efficient • Practical • High Quality • Fun

There is nothing like this eBook series on the market!


Take Your Pick from 2 Fixed Layout Formats

These guidebooks are offered in 2 “fixed layout” formats; PDF and Kindle. The format offered strictly on this site is Adobe Acrobat .PDF, whereas the Kindle Edition is currently only available on Amazon.

Guidebooks 1 to 7 are available for purchase NOW!

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