Meet Your Trail Guide

Dianne Pearce, Leadership Observer and Lifelong Student
I cut my teeth on some very sensitive and difficult situations with little guidance from my managers. This is when I realized “it’s a jungle out there.

If you’ve ever been thrown into a situation where you didn’t know what to do or who to ask for help, you’ll identify with Dianne’s experiences.

Read on to learn how she handled some truly awkward struggles as a new supervisor and how she gained the expertise to publish these guidebooks.

Dianne Pearce — Leadership Observer and Lifelong Student

Since childhood I have been fascinated by the practices of leaders in my own life including my parents, teachers, ministers, supervisors and senior management. Progressing through school and into the workplace, I became acutely aware of how the behaviors and actions of positional leaders impacted the morale and productivity of those around them. Specifically, I observed how they treated people, how they modeled the way and how they inspired or demotivated others.

I learned how critical supervisors are to the bottom line and success of every organization. From this awareness I decided to embark on a journey of self-development, with a focus on leadership skills in the workplace. In fact, it was my two beautiful children who taught me the most about leadership and inspired me to pursue my career goals.

After completing my education in Business Administration, I worked in a number of “corporate jungles” where I gained considerable skills and experience. My jobs included Communications Consultant, Travel Agent, Advertising Executive, Career Consultant and Corporate Trainer/Coach. I was thus exposed to a variety of supervisors – the good, the bad and the mediocre!

There were a few great supervisors along the way who genuinely cared and inspired me. For them, I willingly gave my very best. I also worked for many supervisors who were either disengaged or they lacked the skills to mentor and support their employees. This was very frustrating for me, as I was a highly motivated producer with a hunger for learning and building my career.

The lack of support from these supervisors fueled my decision to advance my career to become a positional leader — a leader who was interested in fostering productive and empowered teams. In preparation, I volunteered for special projects, worked with mentors and returned to school three times to further develop my leadership skills.

My First Real Life Leadership Tests

Eventually I became a supervisor and I was excited to apply my new skills… but nothing had prepared me for the “wildlife situations” I had to deal with in the “supervisor’s jungle.”

In my first months as a new supervisor in the advertising industry, I was delegated the task of dealing with a staff member who was having an affair during work hours. Not only was this person a former colleague of mine and a father of two teenagers, he had been having this affair for several years under the watchful eyes of a private investigator — and management had taken no action to date!

Knowing that this would be a delicate situation, I approached my manager to seek advice. His response was “You figure it out Dianne, that’s what we pay you the big bucks for!” In a highly unionized and political environment I had to find alternative resources to help me through this process including the union, human resources and external mentors. Regardless of my coaching efforts and progressive disciplinary measures, his behavior did not change and we had to let him go. This situation proved a rough start for me as the new supervisor and it took some time for the team to accept me.

My next wildlife experience as a supervisor in the federal government required me to deal with a unionized staff member who was embezzling funds to support her gambling addiction. With little guidance from my manager I again worked with the union, human resources and employee assistance to handle the embezzlement issue and guide the employee into addiction counseling.

My third wildlife experience as a supervisor on a new team required me to deal with a hostile long-term employee who thought she should have been promoted to the supervisory role. What she lacked, however, was the emotional competence to successfully recruit, train and lead others. Long story short, this staff member gave me no end of grief as she manipulated the owners for special privileges, bucked the policies and harassed the rest of my team.

In summary, I cut my teeth on some very sensitive and difficult situations with little guidance from my managers. It was from these experiences and my willingness to grow that I gained the necessary skills to successfully supervise a team. It was also from these same experiences that I realized “it’s a jungle out there” where supervisors need real mentoring and genuine support.

Developing Supervisors Became My Career

In 1990 I started my own business, The Coaching Connection Corp, specializing in corporate training, career development and professional coaching. To further develop my leadership skills and best business practices, I hired a personal business coach and amassed a talent team of business consultants to collaborate with.

In the year 2000, I reinvented my business to focus on developing supervisors and aspiring leaders. Together with my team of business consultants, we trained and coached over 7,000 supervisors in the art of becoming effective leaders in the “corporate jungle.”

Based on the 25 modules I developed for the supervisory training programs, I decided to write a series of 25 eBooks to capture the essence of these programs. Called The Supervisor’s Jungle Guidebook Series, each eBook is loaded with rich content, assessments, practical tools and proven strategies to help supervisors and managers learn how to lead successful teams through the corporate jungle.

Dianne Pearce — Professional Experience

Dianne is an accomplished and well-respected business person with a unique blend of competencies gained from her work in business communications, corporate training and coaching, career fitness and adult education. She brings a wealth of knowledge in the areas of leadership, human resource development, team building and corporate coaching.

Using a variety of service delivery methods such as telecoaching, on-site training and eBook learning, Dianne fast-tracked her clients to help them reach business goals and develop leadership skills. Her work is now captured in her eBooks, the Supervisor’s Safari Guidebook Series!

Qualifications & Affiliations

  • Post-secondary education in Business Administration, Career Development and Business Coaching
  • Professional Certification in Adult Education, Advanced Sales, Teleclass Leadership, Public Speaking and Mediation Skills
  • Certified Facilitator for the “Coaching Clinic for Managers” through Corporate Coach University (CCUI)
  • Qualified Administrator and Trainer for Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) Levels I and II, True Colors Personalities, Personality Dimensions, DISC and the Strong Interest Inventory

Dianne continues to develop professionally under the expert guidance of her business coach.

Industry Experience

Dianne gained invaluable experience and skills working with numerous organizations, both as an employee and a business owner. Her client base spanned a wide variety of industries, from which she gleaned in-depth knowledge of their business needs and how to best serve them.

The industries Dianne has worked with are listed below.


Print Advertising

Travel Agency & Airlines

Construction Industry

Safety Training & Compliance

Oilfield Services & Supplies

Universities, Colleges, School Boards

Manufacturing Companies

Seniors’ Healthcare Industry

Not-for-Profit Agencies

Research & Lab Testing Companies

Worker’s Compensation Board

Public Libraries

Government: Municipal, Provincial, Federal (Departments included Healthcare & Wellness, National Defense, Public Works, Agriculture, Justice, Advanced Education, Corporate Services, Forestry & Fisheries, Information Technology, Emergency Response, Indigenous Relations, Children’s Services, Economic Development)

Career Highlights

  • Consistently provided effective supervisory and coaching skills workshops to employees and managers, resulting in client success, positive feedback and referral business.
  • Developed and successfully implemented a cutting-edge program in personal learning and career self-reliance for the Federal Government which was delivered to employees across Canada.
  • From inception, spearheaded the setup, promotion and development of career management services for a collaborative career center, attracting over 12,000 clients in a 24-month period.
  • Designed and facilitated timely and relevant supervisory and coaching workshops resulting in consistent positive feedback, corporate recognition and client satisfaction.
  • Successfully co-facilitated complex leadership/team building workshops, requiring a highly collaborative and organized team effort; excellent feedback with results exceeding expectations.
  • Consistently generated top sales results and expanded new market opportunities while maintaining long-term relationships with clients in the telecommunications and advertising industry.


Meet Our Production Team

In order to make the Supervisor’s Safari Guidebook Series more interesting for our readers, we brought in a team of committed actors and a photographer to enhance our jungle stories. A very big thank you to this amazing team who worked so tirelessly with such passion and talent!

christopher-nolan-pearceChristopher Nolan Pearce, Professional Actor
With over 18 years as a professional actor, Chris has appeared in various movies and TV shows. He also produces documentaries and teaches acting classes at the Vancouver Film School. Chris is our trail boss character in this series.
travis-mortonTavis Morton, Professional Actor
Tavis attended the Vancouver film school at the time of our photo shoot. In our Guidebook series Tavis plays ‘Tinamou’, the camp cook and supply person on Jungle Jerry’s crew.
alan-szelongmakAlan Szelongmak, Professional Student
Alan attended the Vancouver film school at the time of our photo shoot. In our e-book series Alan plays ‘Agouti’, the swamp drainer and safety officer on Jungle Jerry’s crew.
angela-ringsteadAngela Ringstead, Acting Student
Angela attended the Vancouver film school at the time of our photo shoot. In our e-book series Angela plays ‘Jubiru’, the veterinarian and elephant trainer on Jungle Jerry’s crew.
doug-troockDoug Troock
Retired school administrator who volunteered to help with set up and participated in the photo shoot.
rhonda-dentRhonda Dent, Professional Photographer
Freelance photographer and actress in the Vancouver area; Rhonda specializes in baby photos and won the Georgia Straight “Best of Vancouver” photography award in 2013.
Tim Moores, ProVision Graphics Inc.
Bringing broad and diversified experience within the Video, Graphics and Multimedia industries, working for a couple of large companies, but also for many of his own very satisfied clients since 1998, Tim is works hard to always exceed the highest expectations in whatever he undertakes.